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I started playing guitar when I was seven because I heard the solo in “Free Bird” and knew I wanted to be a rock-star.  I quit soon after and did not pick up a guitar again until I was in sixth grade.  This is when my guitar journey began.  I began playing at my church a year later in seventh grade and have been playing at churches ever since.  Back then, I never thought I would be in a christian band serving the Lord with my music.

I currently study Electrical Engineering at TCU and am heavily involved at my church: Antioch Fort Worth.  My personal goals are to love my friends deeply and establish new meaningful friendships, study hard as if I were doing it for the Lord, stay in touch with my family regularly, and to put God first in everything I do.


Brief Testimony:

I am so thankful to have been raised in a Christian home with God-pursuing parents.  However, like many kids in an environment similar to this, my faith was not my own.  I gave my life to Christ when I was in first grade but I had not counted the cost and did not truly understand what it meant to be a FOLLOWER of Jesus Christ.  It was not until sophomore year at a youth camp that I realized I had never really given my life to Jesus.  I then understood what it meant to be a Christian and truly gave my life to Christ.  Christianity isn’t just attending church on Sundays or claiming to believe in Jesus; it is a relationship with our God who sent His only son because of His extravagant love for us.

Since then there have been times where I have been close, but also times where I have been far away.  But I can proudly say that as of the past six months I have been radically pursuing a relationship with the Lord and will never look back.  The joy that comes from finding all hope, trust, and acceptance in God is so much greater than anything else in this world.  I am unashamed of everything God has to offer and will continue to pursue a relationship with Him as long as I live!




Handmade Tele, Modded Six Flads Strat, Warmoth Jazzmaster Split, Taylor 214ce-Koa




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Signal Chain- Sp Compressor > Pitch Fork > Ep Booster > Lightspeed > Southland > Julia > VP Junior (PolyTune in tuner out) > MC6 (analogue endeavours aux 3 to control) (Delay and Reverb in loop) > Flight Time Delay > BigSky > T1M Stereo Patch Bay (Under the board).


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