I’ve been singing around the house longer than I can remember.  Music has truly always been a part of my life.  However as the years have passed music has become more than just a hobby.  It has become what I do.  When I was 7 or 8 years old my parents bought me a drum set for Christmas.  And you know my parents are the best because I didn’t even ask for one.  Most parents won’t even let their kids play drums.  As I began to take lessons and play music with my brother, my love for music grew exponentially.  My brother and I both have had opportunities to play in front of people and, because of that, I decided my freshman year that I wanted to study music in college and be a touring musician.

However, last year at a college fair I heard about Dallas Baptist University (DBU) and how I could actually go to a college where Jesus was the center.  This sparked my interest.  This was around the time I really started going all out for Jesus and I very clearly knew God wanted me to use music to glorify him.  So that is what I am pursuing now.  Although I still love rock and I am very involved in choral music, my true passion and reason I am on this earth is to utilize the musical talents I have been gifted with to bring others and myself closer to God.  The way I see it, God has given me a gift and the only valid response is to give it back to Him.



Brief Testimony:

Just like many kids in America today, I grew up in a christian home.  Both of my parents were are believers and as a result we went to church almost every Sunday.  While I am truly blessed and grateful to have grown up in this environment, I didn’t know Jesus.  As is normal, I said a prayer when I was 5 and got baptized when I was 7 because it was the “right thing” to do. (I am not trying to say you can’t be saved at a young age, I just wasn’t).  As the years went on I got comfortable going to church and didn’t even realize I never knew God.  Then at my 7th grade church camp God moved in my life.  I remember my youth pastor always said “99% obedience is 100% disobedience”.  Jesus broke through in my heart and I went up to my worship pastor and said I was ready to give 100% of my life to Jesus. Although I didn’t know it at the time I am certain beyond a shadow of a doubt that in that moment I was saved and made a new creation.

Shortly after, I did not realize the importance of meditating on the word of God and surrounding myself in a Godly community and I became addicted to the things of this world.  I was a slave to those things for about 3 years when Jesus broke those chains and set me free.  Ever since then I have been pursuing God like I never have before.  While I may have ups and downs just like every follower of Christ, Jesus is the Lord of my life.



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