Our names are Cole and Cade Kellam and we are brothers who want our worship leading to be a reflection of our private worship (Romans 12:1).   In addition to writing songs that reveal truths and reflect the character of God, our mission is to facilitate a closer, more intimate relationship for our listeners with Him.  Our hope is that our music will impact others’ lives as powerfully as it has our own.  Even if it only reaches one person outside of those who helped on the songs and production, all of the work we put in would be worth it and we would do it again in a heartbeat.  None of this is about us, but instead is about the kingdom and a relationship with our perfect creator.

We both feel a calling on our lives to lead worship and create music. By doing this, we want to allow God to use us to create opportunities for others (and ourselves) to develop a closer relationship with Him through worship.  We were created to worship God.  In our opinion, apart from walking with Him every day, there is no greater spiritual fulfillment than worship.

Please contact us at kellamworship@gmail.com with any questions.